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wake up sid posterWake Up Sid – Review

A spoilt brat called Sid (Ranbir Kapoor), Aisha (Konkona Sen) (I want to be) independent girl from Kolkata, a father who’s upset and a typical Bollywood mother. Well, that sums up the cast. Let me start the review by saying that this is a film for rich kids who would be able to identify with the protagonist. Im not sure if there are too many. And also a few (I want to marry Ranbir, he so cute) girls who would swoon over him.

The movie opens with Sid trying to study but fails everytime he tries to put his mind to it. He has a Man-Friday called Chotu who wakes him up everyday and serves him his breakfast. He has 3 best friends who hang out with him at college and parties. Sid spends his fathers money like water on himself and his friends and…

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